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Creative. Effective. Digital Solutions. That's the MKG way.

We help businesses establish an authoritative digital footprint and dramatically enhance their current presence in the online world. As business leaders ourselves, we know that goals can’t be achieved without the big picture in mind. That’s why we started MK Group, a Los Angeles based agency that ensures all your digital marketing efforts are worthwhile and targets are met.


The digital marketing space is full of companies who specialize in one area, and those who claim they can do it all. Often, both fall short in helping you grow in the long run. We touch base on all aspects of digital marketing: current growth rate, client base, social media channels, search engine optimization and web design, just to name a few. Our team is meticulous, dedicated and passionate about what we do and how we do it.


As part of our ethos, we do not work with clients we don’t 100% believe we can help. We strive for perfection and only use the most virtuous tactics and strategies when it comes to our clients’ livelihood. In other words, we never cut corners or use shortcuts.

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Andre Keshishyan

Web Developer
Hrag Mekhtikhanyan

Hrag Mekhtikhanyan

Marketing Expert
Sevag Mekhtikhanyan

Sevag Mekhtikhanyan

SEO Specialist

Jason Berberian

PPC Expert
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