Free Marketing Techniques Proven to Work During Quarantine

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Life seems to be on hold for many, but business owners seem to be taking the biggest hit. Especially small local businesses that rely heavily on foot traffic. With quarantine regulations and an uncertain future, now is the time to implement effective marketing techniques you’ve ignored in the past. These marketing tips will greatly benefit your business. The best part? It’ll cost you nothing except your time.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the hardest free marketing strategies to utilize, but by far one of the most important. You don’t need to be an expert and perfect it. There are simple techniques you could implement that can improve website traffic. The only requirement is to be somewhat knowledgeable in your website’s back end. Free resources like Yoast and Rank Math will guide you step-by-step and are easy to understand. If you’re a beginner, focus on the following tips until you get more in depth.

  • Meta titles & meta descriptions
  • H1 tag optimization
  • Content addition/revision
  • Blog posts

You can learn more about what Search Engine Optimization is and how it works on our service page.

Social Media Presence

If you don’t have business accounts set up on social media platforms, do it now. You can use whichever platform you’re comfortable with, but Instagram and Facebook are the most popular choices. Connecting with your target audience is a great way to stay relevant and memorable. On Instagram and Facebook, use stories and publish posts to keep people interested. You don’t have to shill your product or service all the time. Depending on your industry, you could give tips or facts that promote business affability. Facebook offers users to join groups. Join a group related to your industry and be active. Don’t be afraid to use video content as videos generate higher interest and engagement. Having an optimized social media is a highly effective marketing strategy.

  • Engage with your audience
  • Stay active
  • Post comments
  • Answer direct messages

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The internet is your friend, spend some time analyzing your industry competitors. The better you understand their marketing techniques, the better yours can be. See what they’re doing well, what’s not doing so well. Inspect their website and presence online and on social media platforms. There’s no need to sabotage the competition. Knowing how they conduct business could give you a better idea on where you stand in comparison.

It would also be wise to use this time to get educated on marketing strategies you’ve not implemented yet. Dive deeper into the marketing world by reading free online resources. Learn how SEO, SEM and SMM works, understand what it does and why it’s essential to an online business.

Websites like Moz and Ahrefs share tons of information that is extremely beneficial for beginners and veterans alike. It sounds overwhelming but the knowledge gained from adopting an effective marketing strategy could potentially make or break your business.