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Pay Per Click
Brand Awareness, Social Ads, Lead Gen, PPC, Content Curation
About This Project

Brand awareness is a term used by marketing professionals that is defined as, “the degree of customer recognition of a product by its name.” Brand awareness is a crucial part in any advertising campaign as its main component is to attract as many people’s eyes as possible. With the evolution of the internet and social media, it is becoming increasingly important to promote your products online. With the launch of their latest “Flow Forged” aftermarket wheel designs, our client Curva Concepts was looking to blast out an advertising campaign highlighting their cutting-edge new product.


With Curva Concepts’ clear goals in mind, we created a campaign divided into multiple ad sets. These ad creatives were designed to capture various niche audiences within the vast automotive community. Our audiences were created using the Facebook Pixel associated with their website. With the addition of organic traffic entering the site, we created a custom audience of users that visited the site (in any fashion) in the last 60 days, then created multiple lookalike audiences to expand our reach.


With an average cost of $0.67 per 1000 impressions, we deemed our campaign a success. With the increased impression, clicks into website increased 10-fold further strengthening the Facebook Pixels


Brand Awareness Campaign

Ad Spend: $1,050.00

Reach: 849,532

Impressions: 1,559,584

Cost Per 1000 Impression (CPM): $0.67