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Pay Per Click
Social Ads, Lead Gen, PPC, Content Curation
About This Project

Pay per click advertising is a very intricate process. Many key components within your campaign play vital roles in the overall performance of your ad. Our client Curva Concepts was seeking to increase the volume of customer inquiries requesting pricing information with a secondary goal to increase email opt-ins.


Because of the nature of the aftermarket automotive industry, Facebook and Instagram were the two main platforms we used to promote our clients products. Before we run any campaigns, we first make sure to optimize our tracking events. Tracking our events ensures the algorithm is consistently targeting the warmest audience. Since Curva Concepts is generating organic search traffic, we used the Facebook Pixel attached to the site to create warm lookalike audiences to target via social media. With the audience and objective in mind, we curated the content to be advertised within our campaigns.


Through consistent optimization, we were able to meet Curva’s objective in generating an increase in leads. In doing so, we are now able to target warmer leads with the conversion from this campaign. The optimization of our ads continues with each revision. We look at multiple KPIs when revising ad sets.


Lead Gen Campaign
Ad Spend – $457.68 ($438 previous run)
Impressions – 83,762
CPM – $5.46 ($6.60 previous run)
Reach – 48,515
Request Price – 315 (249 previous run)
Form Submission – 75
Clicks – 1,397
CPC – $0.33 ($2.76 previous run)
Total Leads: 94