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Website Design & Development
Site Speed Optimization, Web Design, Web Development
About This Project

Partnering up with Curva Concepts, our number one priority was updating, optimizing and enhancing their outdated website. One of the biggest issues with Curva Concepts’ website was the fact that it was not optimized for SEO, which in turn caused problems with converting users into qualified leads. While redesigning the website, we shifted out focus towards the utilization of specific CTA’s (Call-To-Action) throughout each page in order to increase the likelihood of conversion. Throughout the first quarter post-launch, and through our continuous SEO efforts, we were able to not only increase monthly site traffic, but also increase lead conversion from 0 to 30 within the first month, 55 in the following month, 75 in the third month, and finally 96 conversion in the fourth month. Today, we continue to update and re-optimize Curva Concepts’ website as needed.