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Social Media Management
Product Photography, Content Curation
About This Project

With an established brick and mortar store front located in Burbank, CA, Glen Vape has decided to expand their operations to Yerevan, Armenia. In doing so, they felt that they need to take their social media game to next level to follow suit of the business. Prior to any content creation, we sat down with the owners to get an idea of the aesthetic that they wanted to showcase. After reviewing a few of their closest inspirations, we chugged forward with a clear strategy in mind.


Glen Vape Yerevan as a brand is very classy. We wanted to showcase that same class in the images we capture.  Our goal was to capture high detail of each individual product. With a mix of lifestyle photos and studio shots, we crafted a very elegant and easy to scroll Instagram feed. To supplement the creative content, we conducted a hashtag research audit to source the most engaging terms for Glen Vape and came up with a posting strategy to relieve GV of any social duties.