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About This Project

Simple. Cute. Clean. That’s the vibe you get when you visit any of the social profiles belonging to Graze LA. That’s why when they came to us in the need of a digital platform to be able to seamlessly sell their graze boards, we knew exactly what design techniques to follow; SIMPLE. CUTE. CLEAN. These boards are curated in such an elegant way and always vibrant with colors. Not only are these charcuterie boards fun to eat, they’re fun to look at. That’s why, when it came to this website, we let the boards do the talking. You will notice a clean layout, disrupted only by colorful graze boards that immediately get your mouth watering. Here’s the catch; they needed this website up ASAP! The manual order process was becoming hectic for this growing business and they needed a way to funnel all the orders and have them organized and fulfilled accordingly. That’s why we decided to utilize the Shopify platform, to not only create a simple aesthetic, but to also provide a simple and easy user interface where the owners can log in and manage their orders. We’re happy to say that all of their needs have been met and they couldn’t have been happier (and in some sense, relieved) with the new website design and function.