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Website Design & Development
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About This Project

By far one of the most fun projects we’ve had so far in web development. Mainly because we had to actually curate most of the content on the website, which is 90% made up of images of wheels on trucks. So, we had to go out and shoot a bunch of incredibly beautiful modified trucks. Let’s start off by saying Hardrock Offroad is an incredibly successful aftermarket off road wheel manufacturer. The problem was, their website was very outdated and didn’t have any options or CTA’s for a customer to reach out to them with an inquiry or a question for information. Although Hardrock Offroad does not sell wheels directly to the consumer, it was still incredibly important to have the website be optimized with CTA’s in order to answer as many questions from the customers as possible. The more information and service they provide to the consumers, the more likely they will end up purchasing a set of Hardrock Offroad wheels, regardless of the shop that they bought it at. It has been less than a month that we’ve launched the website and we’ve already accumulated over 130+ leads, whereas before they had none coming in through the website. The owner was extremely happy with the redesign and the functionality/conversion of leads. We’re continuously optimizing and improving the website with new fresh content and we’re glad to have had another successful website redesign project.