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Logo Design, Social Media Consulting, Media Kit
About This Project

One of our first and long time clients, Herban Iguana, was taking advantage of our consulting services. For the past year, we’ve been meeting once a week helping the owners take there business from the ‘idea stage’ to a complete launch of the business including social platforms and a fully built e-commerce website. In the earlier stages of working together, Herban Iguana needed guidance on creating a logo that best represented their business. We took the opportunity to not only create a logo for Herban Iguana, we also went the extra mile and put together a complete media kit including source files for all logos (final and concepts), a color palette (which we later used for the website design & development stage), and a framework for how all the social platforms should look.


Since then, we’ve been improving Herban Iguana’s branding one consulting meeting at a time. After a few meetings, the owners of Herban Iguana started to understand the concepts behind branding and good practices for brand awareness and started to apply them to all other aspects of their business without the need of our help. They continued to put together a full package for all of their product bundles and even started producing some of the products they offer with their own branding instead of 3rd-party manufacturers logos. Needless to say, the entire brand that is Herban Iguana has come a long way and they continue to strive for improvements within all aspects of their brand.