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Website Design & Development
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About This Project

One of the most important factors for a new business start up is to have a solid foundation. With Herban Iguana, that foundation came in the form of a website where he can showcase his Class Bundles in a simple, yet appealing fashion. This website took us on a trip up Angeles Crest Highway on a quest to capture all the image content for the new website. We took advantage of the beautiful landscape to capture content for his social media in between sets!


Regarding the e-commerce platform of choice, we decided to develop the store on Shopify. Due to the nature of his business and the size of his catalog, we decided to go with a one-page layout design that would include all of the product information in a landing page format. To take it a step further, we optimized the website with individual product pages to showcase each item within each bundle. Last, but not least, optimizing the website to be responsive across all devices. For our client, it was extremely important to be optimized for mobile as, in his specific industry, 60-65% of all users are viewing via mobile device. Therefore, our top priority and concern was to ensure that not only was the website aesthetically responsive, but also functions just as seamlessly on mobile as it does on desktop.