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Identity, Logo Design, Media Kit
About This Project

Mek Auto Group originally got in touch with us for a web design and development service, however they didn’t have a media kit for us to reference. They enlisted us to set them up from top-to-bottom. That included web design, social media aesthetics, logo and business card design. We knew what their industry was, so when we were designing for them, we went with a typography and color palette that represented motorsport and automotive culture accurately.


Not to brag, but we think we have a pretty good grasp on what the automotive industry is like. We’ve worked with, and still do work with, automotive brands and we’re well-versed in that universe. In the end, we created a logo and business card that sends a clear message to the target audiences. Utilizing proper typography and colors can capture people in a way that words sometimes can’t. Like we always say, first impressions are everything.


The deeper we got into collaborating with Mek Auto Group, the more they wanted to exhaust their branding avenues. We also created a simple t-shirt mock-up that perfectly portrays who they are as individuals and as a business.