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Website Design & Development
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About This Project

Having a visually appealing and user friendly website is one of the most important aspects a business needs to consider. Especially in this day and age. When Mek Auto Group approached us, they explicitly mentioned that they wanted a website that outperforms the competition while looking good and functioning smoothly. Mek Auto Group is a Los Angeles based Auto Brokerage servicing all of LA county.


We did an in-depth analysis of competitor websites and found that most, if not all of them, we’re using outdated designs, broken elements that hinder user experience, slow load times, and outdated content. Our job now was to create something that stands out in a sea of industry blandness. Simple enough, right? We built an awesome site showcasing the brands colors, typography, images and mission that they absolutely loved. With lightning quick load times, we implemented a basic on-page SEO setup and a live chat system. All of the content was written to engage and instill trust into users, highlighting the company’s strengths.