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Search Engine Optimization
Site Speed Optimization, Backlink Outreach, Copywriting, SEO
About This Project

Biz-Tech services heard about us through word-of-mouth, and after doing some research of their own, Fred and Gary gave us a call and inquired about our search engine optimization services. Biz-Tech Services is a SaaS business application and business technology consulting company providing strategies and solutions to meet information and business management needs. Through our SEO efforts, we were able to increase their organic traffic by 29% in only 6 months, while ranking within the first two pages for high search volume keywords. We provided Biz-Tech Services with optimized and niche relevant bi-weekly blogs, continuous keyword research throughout, on-page optimization and optimization of their site speed.


In the middle of our service, both Fred and Gary wanted us to spruce up their outdated site, and run PPC campaigns to not only generate more site traffic, but leads as well. So, of course we delivered a site that had the above optimizations, but in a much more user-friendly environment. As for our PPC campaigns, we carefully crafted custom campaigns for each of their services and products. With a limited budget, we were able to achieve an average of 4% click-through-rate (CTR) in a highly competitive niche. Exceeding their expectations and accomplishing the goals we set our sights on.