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Our team has devoted years to master social media marketing. We know what works within your unique industry

Social media marketing should be thoughtful, engaging, and relevant to potential customers and clients. It should also work hand in hand with your existing marketing strategies. To master the social media game, you’ll need access to superior insights into each of the ever-changing social media platforms. That’s where we come in.

Our social media marketing strategy is SEO-focused. Innovative social media techniques don’t work without traditional, research-backed search engine optimization strategies. Having both SEO and SMM coincide will broaden your reach.

Social Media Management
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    Campaign Planning

    We sit down with you to evaluate your goals and vision for your brand and create a strategy that will not only reach larger targeted audiences, but be in-line with your values.

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    Content Curation

    In the world of social media, image is everything. We create eye-catching and emotion provoking picture and video content optimized for all your social platforms.

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    Hashtag Research

    We locate and define key hashtags within your niche to promote your content for users already engaged in your niches circle.

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    Audience Targeting

    Getting your content to reach the right people is key. We continuously optimize our efforts to get your posts in front of the right eyes.

Branding & Identity

First impressions are everything

We first start with a complete audit of your current online presence. If you’re not active on any social platforms, we’ll set you up with the appropriate platforms while taking your industry and business goals into consideration. One of the first things a potential customer sees when they click on your profile is the bio. We optimize your bio to include specific keywords, value, services and products you provide, which in turn help solidify your spot when users search for specific keywords.

From there we move onto the overall aesthetic of your account, keeping everything uniform and appealing to look at, all while using relevant industry hashtags. We aim to help you grow your following organically and have an audience that will engage and interact with your content on a regular basis.

Putting your best foot forward

Social media demands a constant flow of fresh new content for users to feed off. When you’re competing with brands in your industry, it is crucial to stand out. At MK Group, we know what it takes to attract the ever-depleting attention span of social media users.

We offer product photography and videography that entices engagement through a carefully curated aesthetic. Whether you are looking for standard white backdrop studio shots or lifestyle photos with a personal touch, we got you covered. Need interactive and engaging video content? No worries, We also create promotional videos and interviews using state of the art camera equipment.

Social Media Marketing

Social Proof

Social Proof Social Proof

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing, or SMM, is the use of digital social platforms to connect your target audience with your brand in order to increase sales and generate website traffic. This generally involves publishing engaging content on your social media profiles and running advertisement campaigns. There is no one right approach when it comes to SMM, which means that each client we partner with will receive a customized strategy.

Social media marketing is more than a second step to your campaign – it’s a second stage. Since the introduction of social platforms in the early 2000s, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn have quickly become marketing giants. One of the best ways to capture the attention of an already focused audience is to include social media in your marketing strategy.

69% of American adults integrate social media into their daily lives, while the average American internet user has 7.1 social media accounts. Having said that, is that a market you want to miss out on?