Curva Concepts x Heritage Gruppe Meet

Curva Concepts x Heritage Gruppe

If you’re a car guy, waking up in the early hours of the morning, quick-detailing your car, and heading out to a meet is one of purest feelings. Ever since we started working with Curva Concepts, brand awareness has been one of our number one priorities. In the automotive scene, having weekend meetups isn’t uncommon, and for us, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase what this brand is about.

Coincidentally at the time, we were doing consulting for another client who also happens to be in the same niche. Heritage Gruppe is an automotive enthusiast brand, for the people, by the people. Like Curva Concepts, they too host weekend meets. From a marketing standpoint, this is like striking gold. We linked up with Curva Concepts and Heritage Gruppe to host the ultimate drivers meet.

Although these events we throw are business-driven, there’s no denying the people who show up are fueled by passion. These drivers meets represent so much more than just a bunch of cars pulling up to an empty lot. Each and everyone of these cars belong to a unique individual whose stories and imaginations are brought to life by their builds. That’s special in its own right.

Curva Concepts x Heritage Gruppe Meet

Gassed Up

The smell of fuel and coffee in the morning for these guys is a weekend ritual. The event was hosted at Tire Masters in Sun Valley, CA. On any given Sunday, you’ll find an assortment of vintage Volkswagen’s, BMW’s, and Benz’s caravanning to the meetup spot. The best part about all of this is that none of the patrons that come to these events are hooligans, and Heritage Gruppe prides itself on that. You’ll never find anyone doing donuts or burnouts here. The HG guys always stay classy.

This event was the first of the season, so we wanted to do something special for attendees. We held a raffle and the prizes were as follows: a set of Curva Concepts CFF300 flow-forged wheels in 18″, 50% discount off any of Curva’s wheel collection, and a custom 1-of-1 design by Geghard from Heritage Gruppe.

To elaborate further on what the 1-of-1 design actually is, it’s a service HG offers that is centered around your car. The package includes a custom t-shirt design based on your car and its story, along with a photo shoot of your car bundled with some HG goodies. Pretty cool, right?

Bottom Line

In the end, the meet was a huge success and we had such a good time chatting with the community. It’s a special thing to witness a group of like-minded individuals gather together and share the same passion as you. This definitely wont be the last time we host one of these, and having Geghard and the HG boys out there made it that much more special.

Curva Concepts x Heritage Gruppe Meet