Curva Conceps x Shelby American

Shelby American x Curva Concepts

If you’re into the car modification scene, then you know SEMA is a big deal. Not only does it matter as a consumer, it matters as a business owner too. For consumers, SEMA is great to get an in-depth look at what plans manufacturers have in the pipelines. For businesses on the other hand, SEMA is a great way to showcase your brand and reach a large audience.

Long story short, one of our clients who happens to be in the aftermarket wheel industry wasn’t able to make it out to Nevada this year for the show. However, one of our very own was, and it was huge. Why? Well, let’s say just our search engine optimization efforts came in clutch. Look, we’re not bragging, but opportunities and stories like this is what we live for.

At this point you’re probably confused, so let me just cut to the chase. Shelby American was building a Mustang Mach-E GT for SEMA, and the project was basically top-secret. As the deadline came near, Shelby was adding the final touches to the project. The final touch being a set of wheels. So, Shelby did a quick little Google search and stumbled upon our gallery write up for the Mustang Mach-E we did for Curva Concepts. The first image in the image pack and position one was our clients website. Pretty cool, right? In the end, Shelby went with Curva Concepts and finished the project car with our clients wheels.

Curva Conceps x Shelby American

The Power of SEO

As I mentioned earlier, the stars aligned for us…and Curva Concepts. Because they weren’t able to make the show, they wouldn’t have the chance to actually see the car in person. BUT, because Hrag was out there for freelance work and pleasure, we were able to get exclusive access to snap some photos. A massive thank you to the Shelby guys who let Hrag in to do a photo shoot. We were able to not only get tons of content for social media, but we got super sick content for the website gallery as well. It just goes to show that with a solid SEO strategy and game plan in place, the opportunities it can present are endless. SEO is a great way to organically reach targeted consumers and is a great B2B marketing tool when implemented properly.

Check out the web set Hrag snapped below. The Mach-E GT is a pretty nice car, eh?