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Video Testimonials and Landing Page Optimization

Video testimonials are a great way for potential customers and clients to see and hear what your current clientele have to say about your business. According to studies, 90% of users believe that video content helps them make decisions. By watching a video testimonial, prospects can relate to the same challenges that your existing clients face, or faced, and recognize that your brand has the answers to their questions.

Video testimonials are also an excellent way to capture emotion and authenticity. When given a choice between written content or video content, 59% of senior company executives stated that they would rather watch videos than read the same content in a written format.

Based on these findings, it’s clear that video content works. If you’re struggling to understand why your landing page isn’t raking in the conversions you expected, video testimonials could be the key factor. There’s a reason why YouTube has become so popular over the course of the last few years.

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The Benefits of Video Testimonials

Vidyard recently conducted research that revealed 41% of marketers use customer or client video testimonials in their digital marketing strategy, and 57% of them utilize videos on their website’s landing pages. But, why? Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why digital marketers are using video content.

Boost Conversions

If you want a highly-optimized landing page for your business, showcasing client testimonials in video form is one of the best ways to do it. Data shows that adding a customer testimonial on your landing page increases conversions. According to Vocal Video, 89% of enterprise organizations have seen a 50% increase in conversion rates. Meanwhile, a report by Forbes said that the inclusion of videos on landing pages can potentially increase conversion by a whopping 80%.

Granted, you’ll need to invest time and resources to produce high quality video content with conversion optimization in mind. Plus, there is the question of how to get these testimonials from customers to begin with. More on that later.

Credibility & Emotion

Some of the best performing landing pages feature testimonials because it strengthens credibility and trust in your brand. After all, only a satisfied customer will praise a product or service. By showcasing the effectiveness of your offerings and your clientele’s resulting satisfaction, you establish that your business is worth the investment.

People connect with people. It’s simple. And a client testimonial video is essentially worth-of-mouth marketing, one of the world’s most effective marketing strategies. A person talking about their first-hand experience with a product or service builds trust and creates emotional connections. That human connection can transform prospects into customers, and even better, brand loyalists.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines love videos. In today’s landscape, businesses need to hold one of the top spots in search engine results to stay relevant. SEO and reputation management can help achieve this.

According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, video content is 50 times more likely to get organic page rankings on Google. Feeding content that search engines love is the best way to get organic traction. Paired up with the usual SEO optimizations, ranking in top positions is easy. Okay, it’s not easy…but trust us, spend time on SEO, it’ll always be worthwhile.

Lead Generation

Video content can be used at multiple phases of the buying process, making it an extremely versatile lead gen tool. Video content is more effective compared to other lead gen techniques because of the undisputed authenticity and honest nature which was mentioned above.

So How Do You Get a Client to Give You a Video Testimonial?

Convincing a client or customer to record a video doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are a couple tips to encourage your best customers to advocate for your brand.

Choose the right person: The first step is choosing a client to appear in the video. This person must be someone who has used your service or product and has experienced great results. Duh.

Give them perks: Although this shouldn’t always be your go-to move, offer them benefits for their time. For example, discounts, gift cards, etc. Don’t come off as bribey, just be real about it.

Call them: Talk to the client beforehand, see how they feel about the idea. Be clear on your expectations and ensure honesty during the testimonial. Last thing you want is a video that comes off as fake.

Don’t be pushy: If the person is reluctant to participate, don’t push them. Always make sure they’re comfortable, happy, and willing to help.

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Bottom Line

There you have it. If this didn’t convince you, dig around on Google and see what others are doing. If you need some inspiration, check out our client testimonial. Most brands are pushing video content and search engines are eating it up. By leveraging video content, SEO and general marketing best practices, you too can fortify your lead gen strategies.

Remember; honesty, transparency, authenticity and emotion are key. That said, having a well put together video gives prospects a good idea of who and what you are as a brand and business. If you’re not tech savvy, there’s tons of agencies and firms out there that can help you out. Shameless plug…we can help!

But in all seriousness, video content doesn’t always have to be movie-quality. Yes, it’s more attractive, but in some instances, raw iPhone footage is okay. As an example, Instagram’s algorithm heavily favors video content, such as reels, shot on a phone rather than videos shot with professional gear. Don’t sleep on the iPhone, the camera packs a lot of punch.